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Sex and Alcohol

Some Surprising Statistics on Sex & Alcohol

College Drinking

  • 80% of students drink.
  • 90% of students feel that they do not know how to drink responsibly!
  • 60-70% purposely get drunk.
  • 50% of men and 35% of women are binge drinkers (have five or more drinks in a row at least every two weeks).
  • 25% of all college age women drink to the point of being drunk four times per month!

Women and Alcohol

  • Women get impaired faster and stay impaired longer than men.
  • One drink puts about the same concentration of alcohol in the brains of women as two drinks for men.
  • Research indicates that women may be more affected by alcohol in the 3-4 days just before their menstrual periods than at other times.
  • Drinking one drink per day will add 10 pounds per year to weight.

Sex and Alcohol

  • 80-90% of college students have had sexual intercourse.
  • Almost 50% of unplanned sexual encounters are under the influence of alcohol!
  • 80% of first sexual experiences occur under the influence of alcohol!
  • By senior year, 81% of students have had sex because they were drunk.
  • College students who mix alcohol and sex report having more partners whom they know only "slightly" or "moderately."
  • Alcohol impairment often leads to: not knowing your partner; not having a condom available; not using a condom; or not using it correctly.
  • In two-thirds of unplanned pregnancies, the woman was intoxicated during sex.
  • 60% of STDs are transmitted when the partners are drunk.
  • Drinking games are used on campuses as a way for males to deliberately get females drunk quickly, often for purposes for sex.
  • 40% of men in one study thought it was acceptable behavior to force sex on a woman who was drunk.
  • 75% of admitted date rapists said they used alcohol to get dates drunk so they would have sex.
  • 90% of all sexual assaults occur under the influence of alcohol!
  • Chronic or continuous drinking, even in college students, destroys testosterone in males, causes withering of the testicles, enlargement of male breasts, loss of hair, and impotence.
  • Large doses of alcohol in females may cause lack of lubrication or orgasm. In males, it can cause difficulties in achieving or maintaining erections.

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