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Clinical Investigative Services

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The Office of Clinical Investigational Services (OCIS) provides services and resources to conduct clinical research at the Georgia Regents University (GRU). The office is divided into two primary areas:

OCIS Hospital Services

This office works with researchers to obtain hospital services and resources to successfully conduct a study. Hospital resources include:

  • Ancillary Services (Radiology, Pathology, Pharmacy, etc.)
  • Access to electronic medical records and other hospital online programs and databases
  • Recruitment of Health System patients
  • Access to the hospital Translational Research Unit (TRU).

For more information about the Review Office click here. 

OCIS Study Coordination Services

This office offers clinical research services that include study personnel, nurse clinicians and the financial management of study accounts. Outpatient clinical research space is available including outpatient exam rooms, visitor and study monitor areas, and an approved specimen processing lab.

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