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GRADUATION: Applying for Graduation

The process of consolidating the student information system for Georgia Regents University is well underway, but not finalized. Until the consolidation is complete former GHSU students should follow the referenced information for the Health Sciences Campus. Former ASU students should follow the referenced information for the Summerville Campus.

Health Sciences

Students enrolled in a degree seeking program who are eligible to graduate in the upcoming calendar year will be notified via email about applying for graduation.  There will be a two-week window to submit the application after which time a late fee will be applied to the student's account. Apply for Graduation at the Health Sciences campus.
Graduation Approval Letters

For Health Science programs, in order to inform the Registrar's Office that the student has met all program requirements and that the program of study has cleared the student for graduation in the selected term, graduation letters are provided by each department for their approved graduates. Notation of these letters is made by the Registrar's Office to ensure each expected graduate has met the requirements of their degree by their department. The Registrar's Office confirms receipt of these letters prior to completing the students graduation processing.

Non health science program graduation approval is finalized by the Registrar's Office.

Applying for Certification

Students enrolled in a certificate program will be notified via email about applying for certification. It is not necessary to apply for certification if your program already supplies the certificate.

*Please note that certificate candidates do not participate in the commencement ceremony.
Certificate Application

Undergraduate Degrees

Graduation applications for Undergraduate degrees may be obtained from the department of your major, the Office of the Registrar or online. The application must be completed with your academic advisor and signed by the departments of your major and minor.

Graduation applications for Graduate degrees are kept in the office of your graduate program or online.  The application must be completed with your academic advisor and signed by the chair of the department. 

Once the application is complete, please pay the $52 application fee to the Business Office. Once the fee is paid, turn the application in to the Office of the Registrar together with your Departmental Check Sheet for undergraduates and Program of Study for graduates for review.
Application deadlines will be published in the Academic Calendar.

Graduation Check Sheet

After submitting your graduation application to the Office of the Registrar it will be reviewed and a check sheet will be mailed to you with any remaining requirements needed to complete your degree.  When it is determined you qualify to participate in commencement, you will be added to the program as a degree candidate for the appropriate term. 


$52 graduation fee for those receiving a diploma
$15 graduation fee for those receiving a certificate

Things to do as graduation approaches:

  • Watch your email for important messages regarding graduation. Information regarding the graduation ceremony will be emailed to you.
  • Check your Student System Account (PULSE or ELROY) regularly to ensure no holds have been placed on your records. Any outstanding holds or balances will prevent you from receiving your diploma on graduation day.
  • If you are a Financial Aid recipient, please make sure you review the Graduation Financial Aid deadlines and more information on exit counseling.

Things to do after graduation:

  • Alumni may request transcripts from
  • Have copies of your diploma made BEFORE you have it framed. There will be occasions throughout your career where you may need to have a certified copy of your diploma. You can send a copy of your diploma to the Registrar’s Office for certification.
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