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Academic Strategic Plan

Georgia Regents University (GRU) has a big vision – to be a top-tier university. On its surface, that’s an audacious vision given our newness as the consolidation of two remarkably distinct universities. It’s audacious given our budgetary challenges. It’s audacious given the rapidly changing model for higher education. And it’s audacious given the breadth of competition for students.

Yet, we are committed to achieving our vision, and we are faithful that it can be accomplished. While all entities of the GRU enterprise have a role in forging the path to our destination, the most vital are those responsible for the educational mission. When we attain our vision, it will be primarily due to the efforts of the units that prepare and support our students for their societal contributions after they graduate. For this reason, the development, adoption, and implementation of an academic strategic plan are vital to GRU’s success in achieving its vision.


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