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Leadership Development


The value of good leadership is something that can’t be overemphasized, and we’ve always recognized the importance of building leadership capacity across our vast and varied institution. Not only does it make our organization better equipped to meet the challenges of the ever-changing academic and health care landscapes, but it empowers our employees with skills that help their professional growth ... Continue reading


Academic Program Spotlight

Quality Enhancement Plan

Identifying and implementing an effective QEP is a great way for us to pull together as a university and aspire to greatness as we pursue goals we all share ... Continue reading



Employee Engagement

What's Happening with the Survey Results

An employee engagement survey was administered across the entire university and health system to better understand the needs, desires, and concerns of our employees, who are the lifeblood of our institution.

Phase I included the Health System and most shared service units and was concluded in November 2013. The Health System re-administered the survey in November 2014, and plan to conduct this annually.

Phase II included the University and the first assessment was concluded in May 2014; plans are to coordinate future administrations with the Health System on an every other year cycle; the next survey for the University is planned for November 2016.

Communication, collaboration, and staffing/compensation were recognized as the organizational level priorities. A fourth area, job stress, was also identified, but it was decided that addressing the three other priorities would in all likelihood have a direct impact on job stress.

Everyone shares the same desire to see the results of our action planning effectively implemented. All of us want to see this survey become an instrument of positive change rather than another binder on another shelf.

Browse the pages linked to this website to see what together, we’re doing specifically and tangibly to use the benefits of this information to improve the health and well-being of our great organization!


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