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Dean's Student Summer Research Program

The Dean's Student Summer Research Fellowship Program provides an opportunity for medical students to design and participate in cutting-edge basic and/or clinical research. The Dean of the School of Medicine provides funds for a limited number of Student Research Fellowships. The Program allows for the Dean's Fellows to gain a better understanding of the exciting role of research within the health sciences and develop an interest that may lead to their pursuing a career in academic medicine.

Eligibility requirements

1. First year medical students are the primary targets of the program, although senior students are eligible to participate during their vacation or elective time.

2. Students participating in research fellowships must have successfully completed all phase I requirements and be in good academic standing.


1. Students must take an active/primary role in planning, writing, and executing the project.Faculty should assist students in writing the application but not write it for them. In the review of applications, the Committee will take into consideration the degree of student involvement in all project phases.

2. At the end of the project, the student will be required to submit a structured 300 word abstract of their accomplishments by August 12, 2011 and present a poster of their project on September 19, 2011.

3. Awardees will spend up to 10 weeks on a full-time basis within the fellowship program under faculty supervision. They will receive a stipend of $400/week.

4. We anticipate that 35 awards will be made on a competitive basis.

Faculty Advisors

In order to identify potential faculty advisors, please provide the Review Committee with a brief summary of your research interests and your area/s of research to forward to potential student applicants. Possible projects/faculty advisors will then be made available to the first year medical students. Students will subsequently contact you to discuss the preparation of a formal application to be submitted to the Dean's Student Summer Research Fellowship Committee.


1. Application guidelines and forms can be accessed from the menu at the left of this page.

2. All applications must be received by February 4, 2011 .

3. Students with faculty advisor oversight must also have institutional review board approval before starting the project and receiving their award. It is recommended that this process start when the application is submitted.


Contact Dr. Donna Londino, EG2006 (Office:706-721-6697).


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