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Your JagCard is the official ID card system for Georgia Regents University and Georgia Regents Health. Your JagCard is the property of Georgia Regents and must be kept with you at all times. You must carry it with you at all times when you are on the Summerville campus. If you are on the Health Science campus, you must wear your JagCard on your person. However, your JagCard is much more than just a badge!

The JagCard is accepted for payment at many locations on campus. Many GRU Athletics events, Student Life and Engagement events, or theater events offer free entry with your JagCard. Simply by using your JagCard, you have secure access to buildings or computer suites.

The JagCard is NOT a credit card! You can only spend whatever funds you have deposited on the card, a bit like your bank debit card. Once the funds are spent - you will need to deposit more money to continue making purchases. And if you lose the card it can be immediately deactivated so it cannot be used by an unauthorized person.

You can buy a meal plan any time during the semester! Click "Make a Deposit" on the top right of this page.


 You can charge your Fall Meal Plan directly to your Financial Aid /Loan account at the Summerville JagCard office!

MCG Medicine 1 Deadline to charge meal plans to Financial Aid/Loan: 8/7/2015
MCG Medicine 2 Deadline to charge meal plans to Financial Aid/Loan: 8/14/2015
All other GRU Students Deadline to charge meal plans to Financial Aid/Loan: 8/21/2015


Make a Deposit / Buy a Meal Plan

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