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2014 BSides Conference

Hull College Hosts Major Cyber Security Conference

Yes we do offer a cyber security curriculum within the Hull College of Business (see our Basic and Advanced certificates). As part of our cyber security education and research efforts we have combined with other cyber security community experts to offer an annual BSides information security conference here at GRU.

BSides information security conferences are an international phenomenon. Typically, BSides conferences accent only the attack/Red Team side of cyber defense. BSides Augusta; however, is unique among BSides events by offering two tracks: the traditional attack/Red Team; as well as cyber defense/Blue Team.

This year was the second year GRU has hosted a BSides conference, and by all metrics the conference was a resounding success. You can watch this year's conference presentations by tuning into the YouTube Channel. You may also be interested in reading the coverage from our local media.

Hull Faculty Sponsor Summer Undergraduate Research

This summer, two Hull College faculty members participated in the GRU's Center for Undergraduate Research & Scholarship (CURS) Summer Scholars Program. Dr. Cathy Slade and Dr. Mike Dowell were awarded grants to sponsor two separate research efforts.

Dr. Slade, along with graduate assistant Jaison Majzer and undergraduate students, Calvin Mack and Sophie Viller started the evaluation planning process for the Institute of Public and Preventive Health (IPPH) Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) and Healthy Augusta pilot projects.

Dr. Dowell, together with undergraduate students Tracy Miller, Chad Reynolds and Neea Rusch, created a prototype system using a revolutionary new wearable computing device. The project, titled Summarized Patient Information through Google Glass (SPI Glass), was designed to be used by physicians for retrieving patient information using Google Glass.


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