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STAR - Student Training and Research Program

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Be a STAR - Discover Your Passion for Research

The Summer STAR (Student Training And Research) Program is designed to provide biomedical research experience for undergraduate students with a sincere desire to pursue a graduate education in biomedical sciences.

This program provides opportunities for highly motivated and talented undergraduate students to develop skills as young scientists and to further explore their interest in biomedical research . During the course of the nine-week program, STARs actively participate in a biomedical research project under the guidance of an GRU faculty member.

In addition, STAR participants attend workshops, discussion groups and laboratory demonstrations that expose them to a broad range of biomedical research techniques, approaches and laboratory experiences available at Georgia Regents University, The Summer STAR program provides excellent preparation and relevant experience for students planning to pursue a PhD or MD/PhD in the biomedical sciences.

  • Choose an area of research that interests you
  • Spend 9-weeks of your summer conducting biomedical research
  • Attend exciting, interactive and informative workshops
  • Prepare and present a poster showcasing your summer research accomplishments
  • Establish friendships with STARs, faculty, staff and students that extend beyond STAR
  • Get paid while you are learning and having fun

OverviewTo provide outstanding hands-on biomedical research opportunities for undergraduate students...


ResearchThe STAR program provides opportunities for college undergraduate students to conduct original research under the guidance...


WorkshopsThe workshops greatly contribute to making the STAR experience more than just a summer job.  STARs come together as a group twice a week for informal...



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