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Georgia Correctional HealthCare

Georgia Correctional HealthCare (GCHC) is the division of the Georgia Health Sciences University that provides high quality health care to over 60 facilities throughout the State for the Georgia Department of Corrections. GCHC began as a result of a discussion in 1996 between former Governor Zell Miller and past GHSU President Francis Tedesco, M.D. This initial discussion led to the development of an Interagency Agreement between the Georgia Health Sciences University and The Georgia Department of Corrections. On July 1, 1997, GHSU agreed to provide comprehensive healthcare services for the 60,000 inmates incarcerated by the Department of Corrections. Through this agreement, GCHC committed itself to maintaining the high level of quality healthcare while attempting to control the spiraling costs associated with inmate healthcare. 

Operational Overview 

GCHC currently manages the healthcare units at more than 60 differnt correctional facilites such as state prisons, Boot Camps, Probation Detention Centers, Diversion Centers, Pre-Relase Centers and Transition Centers. Each facility contains various medical capabilities dependent upon the size and mission of the site.  Regional infirmaries provide 24 hour, 7 days per week primary healthcare services at 14 of these sites. GCHC's primary business office is located in the Annex I building on the GHSU campus, and maintains satellite offices in Atlanta, Milledgeville, Valdosta, and Waycross.


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