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Our brand is a set of attributes that constitute a promise or set of expectations for GRU, GRHealth, and everybody with whom the brand has or will have a relationship. The brand also helps people understand how GRU and GRHealth are different from other institutions in pursuing its mission and vision.

We want our brand to tell a story. A story of two universities and cultures coming together ─ a story of who we are as students, faculty, staff and alumni. A new kind of student-centered university. One that is based on unity, balance and collaboration.

Our efforts to identify and build a sustainable and differentiating brand position (one that is distinct from common health sciences and undergraduate university themes and tag lines) were driven by our goals to: 

  • Establish a unique, compelling and differentiated position through the development of consistent messages and guidelines.
  • Create visual representation of the new consolidated university that will form the foundation for our communications.
  • Communicate and promote our brand value to internal and external audiences consistently and comprehensively.
  • Build on and directly reflect the university and clinical enterprise’s mission, vision and values.

Our faculty members, staff, students and volunteers deliver the GRU and GRHealth brand on a daily basis in Augusta and throughout the state. Individually and collectively, they represent the vision and the values of what the entire enterprise stands for. Their daily actions and attitudes form the reputation that differentiates us from other universities and academic health systems.

Communicating our brand is, central to the whole rationale for having a brand. It’s a matter of establishing what we stand for, what our beliefs are, and what our promise is, and also ensuring that our primary internal and external audiences, constituencies, and markets have a firm understanding of our brand.


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