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Name:Dr. Jane Garvin
Department: College of Nursing, Biobehavioral Nursing
Title: Measures of Obesity
Description: Research focuses on the measures of obesity, obesity as a chronic disorder, and interventions for weight reduction, disease prevention, and improved quality of life. Identify who benefits from a given intervention so that treatments can be tailored to the unique characteristics of the individual.

Cross sectional studies among both hospitalized and community dwellers as well as longitudinal studies using secondary data and a prospective randomized trial. Interests span the life cycle and all populations.

Other interests include mixed research methodologies and longitudinal data analyses.

Future research will include genetic as well as environmental influences on obesity and the use of latent class analyses.

Students may be interested in participating in one or both of my current projects. One involves correlating obesity measures with baseline characteristics of individuals enrolled a weight reduction intervention. The other involves reporting results from a weight reduction intervention.

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