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Learning Communities

These interdisciplinary small groups of faculty members meet regularly to discuss issues and/or plan projects with the aim of enhancing collegiality, collaboration, and a sense of community. Facilitators have volunteered to assist with organizing each group, and the ASU Foundation has provided funds to support small budgets for each group.

Topic Goal/Focus
Designing an Online Course in D2L Members of this learning community will each develop a hybrid or fully-online course. Members will share their experience and provide help and encouragement to one another. For further information, contact co-facilitators Maureen Akins ( or Beth Pendergraft (
iEngage Members of the learning community will meet to exchange ideas and address common challenges in using mobile devices for instructional purposes. Faculty members will work together to define uses for mobile devices both in and out of the classroom. ASU faculty members may apply to borrow an iPad that will be provided by ITS. For further information, contact Lance Stuckey (
Interdisciplinary Studies The Interdisciplinary Studies movement in higher education has grown substantially over the last forty years, spurred on by the founding of the Association for Integrative Studies (AIS) in 1979. Interdisciplinary studies take a synthesizing approach to teaching, learning, and problem solving, and the interdisciplinary method is seen by many as essential to successful engagement in the increasingly complex, 'globalized' twenty-first century. This Faculty Learning Community will examine definitions and examples of interdisciplinary studies and will explore approaches to and possibilities for interdisciplinarity as a fruitful inroad to teaching, learning, and research. For further information, contact Kristin Casaletto (
KNIT: KNowledge InTegrated This University-wide learning community focuses upon developing common themes and narratives across KNIT's four historical periods. Members will meet several times a semester to read and discuss a variety of short primary texts from these four historical periods. The main goal is to discuss how to improve the core (Areas A-E) experience for students at Georgia Regents University by using these themes. This learning community is an excellent opportunity to discuss teaching and interdisciplinary connections with faculty across the university and is focused on student cultivation. We will create research and development opportunities as well. For further information, see or contact Craig Albert (
Mentoring Members of this learning community will examine/review health science and higher education literature on mentoring. One of the goals of this group would be to produce a focused review article on mentoring in higher education. For further information, contact Deborah Richardson (
Team-Based Learning This group will explore and provide support for using the Michaelsen version of team-based learning (TBL) in the classroom, although exploration of other versions of inquiry based small group learning would be welcome. An explanation of the strategy can be found at For further information, contact Jan Mitchell (
Writing Circle The purpose of the Writing Circle is to become better and more productive writers. We will meet periodically, share snacks and refreshments, share writing tips and strategies, and help increase our motivation, accountability, and productivity. Set your own goals and desired outcomes, and let's help each other achieve them! For further information, contact Sea Stachura (
Writing in the Disciplines In this interdisciplinary Faculty Learning Community, we will share our successes in assigning and teaching writing and discuss ways to develop writing-based pedagogy. We will operate on the principle that that the teaching of writing does not have to compete with the teaching of disciplinary content; when designed and implemented effectively, writing assignments can be one of the most effective ways to teach content. We will discuss the different roles writing can play in a disciplinary content course, the different forms it can take, and the different ways to manage the tasks of grading and responding to student writing. For further information, please contact Mike Garcia (
Teaching Circle Participants in this group will select a few books aimed at enhancing teaching or offering teaching tips to review in order to make two or three targeted changes in their teaching. Each individual might choose two or three things (or even one thing!) they would like to change about his/her teaching, discuss with the group how to make those changes, make them, and discuss the progress of those changes with others in the group. For further information, contact Doug Hearrington (
Your Topic Here If you have an idea for a Faculty Learning Community and you know a group of faculty who would like to participate, contact Deborah Richardson, CTL Director at FLCs should be interdisciplinary, be organized around a focused topic, meet regularly over at least one semester, and have a relatively stable membership.

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