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thinktoolsThinkTools Workshops Teach Electronics, Computer Programming Skills

On December 8, President Obama declared the importance of learning computer programming when he helped kick off the national “Hour of Code”. His encouragement reinforced the idea that technology users shouldn’t simply learn to use computer software, but that they should also learn to create new innovative custom software using computer programming.  This phenomena of creation is now very present in the southeast, and in particular here in Georgia where Gov. Nathan Deal declared December 10, 2014 as the first Georgia Day of Code. (READ MORE)

EZ GoThree Physics Majors Part of Local Company Internship
Three Department of Chemistry and Physics students were accepted into an internship program with the Augusta company EZ-Go recently. The accepted students were physics majors Lindsey Burden, Matt Beach, and recent graduate Nicole Burdette. The students acquired this internship by applying and being recommended by their professors. EZ-Go is a Textron Company that specializes in engineering light vehicles for use in several facets. The students were a part of a year around internship that lets them and professional engineers work together. (Read More)

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