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Our Faculty


Saundra ReinkeDr. Saundra J. Reinke        

Professor and Director, MPA Program

Dr. Reinke pulls from her practical experience and knowledge of public policy and program evaluation to help students grasp how to use analytical tools to address the difficult challenges facing today's public and nonprofit managers and leaders. Dr. Reinke is the MPA Director and is the academic advisor for students, schedules courses, and manages administrative tasks for the program.

Randall D. MillerDr. Randall D. Miller

Associate Professor

A true "pracademic," Dr. Miller uses his experience as a combat infantryman in Vietnam and career fire service officer to give students insight into the challenges of leading and managing today's workforce. He brings practical experience and scholarly theories in organizational theory and human resource management together in a way students both grasp and enjoy.


Augustine HammondDr. Augustine Hammond

Associate Professor

A native of Ghana and graduate of the University of Akron, Dr. Hammond brings his research in social policy and economic development into the classroom to help students understand the nature of social and economic problems and the impact they have on individuals and societies as a whole.

Martha GinnDr. Martha Ginn

Associate Professor

One of the nation's leading scholars in judicial politics, Dr. Ginn's research work in judicial selection, decision-making, and politics is widely cited. Her unique blend of legal expertise and analytical skill coupled with a passion for the Constitution make her the perfect choice to teach our students what they need to know about the Constitution and the law.



Dr. William M. Harris, Sr.

Dr. Kimberly F. Gray

Mr. Andy Crosson

Mrs. Mary A. Howard


The MPA Office is staffed by Mr. Andrew Worth.

The office hours are from 7am-6pm M-T and 7-5 on Fridays.


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