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Dean of the Pamplin College

Welcome visitors to the website of the Katherine Reese Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences. Along with the College of Science and Mathematics, we form the heart of the Liberal Arts mission of Georgia Regents University. The nine departments that make up the College provide the majority of credits awarded at ASU, and we offer a variety of undergraduate majors leading to the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Bachelor of Science degrees. We also offer an Associate of Arts degree and a Learning Support Department to assist students in their academic progress. Select graduate degrees and a range of minors round out the excellent opportunities that await you in the Pamplin College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.

I encourage you to visit the individual websites of the departments and programs for more detailed descriptions of their programs for more detailed descriptions of what we offer. Committed to excellence in teaching, advising, discovery and creativity, all of our faculty members share a deep dedication to developing the intellectual potential of all of our students, from those coming for Learning Support through graduate work. We offer a variety of undergraduate research possibilities; provide many occasions for intellectual exploration and growth, study abroad and away programs, internships, community service and involvement. In this college, our faculty, students, and staff create a community dedicated to humane values, citizenship, and diversity.

The College also provides a grounding in the Humanities with its two-semester course in the academic core. Through preparation in the academic Core program and our majors, we offer our students the opportunity to prepare well for the global challenges facing us in the twenty-first century and the transferable skills necessary for careers yet to be invented. At the same time, through our capstone courses and projects, we also prepare them for the world awaiting them immediately after graduation. Welcome to a college full of excellence now and promise for a bright future.

Best regards,

Dr. Charles W.“Skip” Clark, Dean

Dr. Charles W. Clark

Dr. Charles W. Clark


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