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How Can We Help You

The mutual goal of both our faculty and GRU Career Services is student success.  At GRU Career Services, we seek to advise and support students throughout their entire academic experience with career development programs and resources.  Please use the links below to identify specific ways we can help you and your classes.

  • Class Presentations / Don’t Cancel that Class -- Need a presentation in a pinch? Don't cancel that class. Just contact us instead and schedule a career services presentation related to your course instruction.
  • Faculty Guide to Ethical & Legal Standards in Employer/Student Recruitment -- This is a resource to help faculty understand their ethical responsibilities toward students.
  • Career services for faculty/staff & their direct family members – The services we offer to students are also extended to our faculty, staff and their immediate families in a professional and confidential manner.  Contact the Director, Julie Goley for information on how we can help you and your family with our services.  ( / 706-737-1604)
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