Georgia Regents University

  • Anatolij Horuzko
  • Tracy McGaha
  • Andrew Mellor
  • Martha Tingen

PhD Program

Doctoral Program in Biochemistry & Cancer Biology

Current Areas of Study

Cancer Immunology, Inflammation and Tolerance
Group leader: Dr. Andrew Mellor

Molecular Oncologyand Biomarkers
Group leader: Dr. John Cowell

Signaling & Angiogenesis
Group leader: TBD

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GRU Cancer Center Research & Scientific Programs

For scientists and lab technicians in any setting, there is the thrill of discovery and a sense of accomplishment if they can add to human knowledge. In a medical research setting, such as the GRU Cancer Center, they have the additional satisfaction of knowing their work will ultimately reduce the burden of disease.

Several independent labs, centers and institutes engage faculty and students from across the university. Academic departments also sponsor numerous other research labs and programs. Cancer Center research is supported by numerous offices and programs both in GRU, state- and nation-wide.

Our Facilities

The five-story, 167,000-square-foot cancer research facility opened in 2006 at a cost of $54-million. It houses administrative offices, laboratories and special equipment for researchers, such as flow cytometry resources. It also provides meeting space for seminars and lectures, training sessions on sophisticated software used in research, and community-wide forums on cancer-related topics. Laboratories have an open floorplan to allow work areas to flow into each other, fitting the collaborative nature of research today.

Basic Science Programs

Cancer Immunology, Inflammation & Tolerance

Cancer Prevention & Control

Molecular Oncology & Biomarkers

Signaling & Angiogenesis

Resources for  Researchers

A-Z Directory

Basic Scientists

Clinical Oncology Program

Researchers Toolbox

Guest Speaker Recordings

Shared Services

Bioinformatics / Biostatistics

Flow Cytometry

Integrated Genomics Core

Microscopy and Imaging Core

Proteomics and Metabolomics

Small Animal Imaging

Tumor Bank



Transparent Panel for Emergency Use