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Summerville M-F 8-5 pm
Health Sciences M-F 7:30am-4:30pm

Instructional Systems

Providing world class academic technologies to enhance student learning outcomes... Learn More

Classroom Technology & Audiovisual Services

Providing a myriad of technologies and audiovisual support for over 230 classrooms at campuses throughout Georgia... Learn More

Distance Education

Georgia Regents University offers a variety of distance learning programs and courses designed to help meet the evolving learning needs of students... Learn More

Educational & Collaborative Tech Center

Providing students and faculty with walk-in at-the-elbow support for high-end multimedia development ... Learn More

Research Technology

Offering a range of customer-focused services and technologies that support interdisciplinary and scientific research ... Learn More

Instructional Design

Providing faculty with instructional design services to design and develop a variety of educational products... Learn More

Academic Computing

Among the multiple campus locations, there are over 60 academic computer labs containing >1100 computers for student use... Learn More

Application Design & Development

Creating commercial quality mobile apps, web apps, eBooks, 3-D, simulation, games, and a host of other multimedia to support the University and the Health System... Learn More

Classroom & Event Scheduling

One-stop shop for reserving space, technology, and support for academic and non-academic events across the enterprise Learn More

Instructional Support

Providing "at-the-elbow" instructional support for faculty and assisting colleges with successfully integrating academic technology into their curricula Learn More

Academic Technology Advisory Committee

The ATAC advises the CIO in support of the academic mission of the University through the appropriate use of academic technology and services affecting teaching, learning, and scholarly activities. Learn More


The Office of Academic and Research Technology’s (ART) mission is to "deliver a highly integrated, technology-infused curriculum that reflects and responds to the evolving learning styles of our students." ART is a division of Information Technology Services (ITS). The leadership works closely with the Vice President for Information Technology (CIO), Vice Provost, the academic leadership from each college, faculty, and students to provide vision, strategic planning, design, development, implementation, and ongoing operational support of instructional and research technology to support teaching, learning and research, including distance education. The Office includes the Instructional Systems and Services and the Educational & Collaborative Technology teams.



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