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Radiation Therapy Program



Radiation Therapy uses high-energy ionizing radiation to deliver a prescribed course of radiation to treat disease. The radiation therapist monitors the patient during treatment and provides emotional support. The therapist is responsible for accurately interpreting, verifying, administering, and recording the treatment prescribed by a radiation oncologist.

Radiation therapy's goal is to kill all cancer cells while sparing the normal surrounding tissue. Generally, cancer cells are dividing faster and are less mature than normal cells. This makes cancer cells more sensitive to radiation and less likely to repair.

Learn more about radiation therapy at GRU.  Watch this video: film clapboard 

   RTT Class of 2014 
   Radiation Therapy Class of 2014

    RTT Class of 2015 
   Radiation Therapy Class of 2015

 Christopher Mark Hall 
   Christopher Mark Hall (PA-C), R.T.(T)
   2012 Distingushed Alumnus


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