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An integral part of college is the selection of major, acceptance to that program, and commitment to the development of a scholarly career path.

At GRU, you will take some time in your first terms to reflect and test which is the right path for you. While you explore, select, and confirm your major, Academic Advisement and Career Services advisors will help you sound out your ideas and clarify your options. Although you have the primary responsibility for developing and implementing your educational plans, our advisors assist you in building toward your goals. Take the initiative to develop close working relationships with the center’s staff. Make excellent use of these and all your GRU resources. Let them help you be more successful.

Advisement Notes & Dates

Advisement for Summer/Fall 2015 is in progress for those advised in Academic Advisement. Check your JagMail for GradesFirst appointment link to make a "Next Term Appointment".

Instructors are being asked to indicate progress on freshmen cohorts and student athletes. If you get a GradesFirst Alert, see your advisor and professor promptly to get back on track!

Check with Financial Aid early in the term for 2015-2016 aid/scholarship deadlines and follow up.

Considering a withdrawal? Make appointments to discuss your progress: first with your professor and then with your advisor. Gather a clear understanding of your options, then follow through well before midterm, Tue Mar 3.

Summer/Fall 2015 Registration runs Mar 16 – Apr 28. Verify specifics with your advisor. Use POUNCE registration menu options to check holds, confirm classes and link to payment. If you have an “Advisement Required” hold, then you advise and register through Academic Advisement.

Stay ahead in your classes, so you can relax and enjoy Spring Break, Apr 6-11 (no classes – Advisement is open). Return ready to finish strong – classes end Tue Apr 28.

Exam times can differ from class times - confirm date, time and site with your professor. Add extra study periods to review in small bites rather than long marathons. SP15 exams run Thu Apr 30 - Wed May 6.

To see term grades, log into POUNCE and follow menus. Stop by Academic Advisement to share how you did or to ask questions – we’re here even between terms!

Summerville Summer term has four parts: sessions #1, #2, #4 all begin Mon May 16; session #3 on Thu Jun 25. Summer classes cover a full term’s content in a shorter time, so consider load and courses carefully. Late registration for SU15 is Fri May 15.

Getting Advised

Located in University Hall 262, Academic Advisement is open weekdays from 8:00am to 5:00pm (matches registration hours and campus holidays).

While walk-ins are always welcome, an appointment allows both the advisor and the student to prepare for a productive meeting.


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