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Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the Counseling Center is to provide a variety of services designed to assist students to define and accomplish personal and academic goals, overcome behavioral difficulties and to identify and systematically address a range of growth and development opportunities, including remedial and preventive activities to maximize the potential of students to benefit from and contribute to Georgia Regents University's academic environment and diverse community. Services may include programs for personal counseling, academic assistance, career development, outreach, and consultative/professional development services to faculty and staff and campus organizations. The impact of the Counseling Center on students is to assist the students in attaining increased competency in personal, social, cultural, intellectual, and professional functioning as well as life long learning.


  1. To provide individual/group counseling for personal and academic concerns, the Counseling Center utilizes the services of four professional counselors (including the Director).
  2. To promote career development the Center provides a variety of resources including, counseling, career assessments, occupational information programs, and career exploration activities.
  3. To provide crisis intervention/emergency counseling for students as warranted, the Center utilizes the hierarchy system of counselor availability (including the Director) and appropriate referral resources.
  4. To support the learning and retention of students is a primary goal of the Center; a wide range of activities including seminars, class presentations, counseling and assessments are maintained for this purpose.
  5. To provide outreach programs and consultation, the professional staff shares its expertise with the diverse campus and Augusta community.

Transparent Panel for Emergency Use