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The Counseling Center serves as a training site for advanced graduate students in the clinical psychology and counselor education masters programs at Georgia Regents University. The Center provides professional counseling services to GRU students and employees free of charge. Graduates of the University are eligible to participate in the alumni career counseling program, which includes a fee for services. Counselor interns carry their own individual counseling caseload of undergraduate clients during their internship. Employee, graduate student and alumni counseling is provided by full-time counseling staff only.

The internship site is located on the main campus in Physical Plant annex. Regular office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm. Some evening hours may also be included as part of the internship depending on the intern's availability. Interns coordinate their work schedule with their supervisor to accommodate their class schedule and graduate assistantship hours. Most interns complete about 20 hours each week to fulfill the requirements of their educational programs.


The Counseling Center provides 3 types of individual counseling services: personal counseling (e.g., psychotherapy for mental health issues), academic counseling (e.g., study skills, test anxiety, etc.) and career counseling (e.g., career indecision). Career counseling clients typically complete a career test battery using instruments such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator or the Strong Interest Inventory. Counselor interns will gain experience in providing all 3 types of counseling services. About 2 weeks of training and orientation activities will be completed by all interns prior to seeing clients.

In addition to counseling services, the Center provides outreach programs each semester. Self help seminars are presented on topics such as stress management, study skills, dating and relationships, public speaking anxiety, test taking, money management, math anxiety, career decision making, time management and test anxiety. Counselor interns will be responsible for conducting at least one workshop as part of their internship responsibilities. Class presentations are also routinely provided. Each UNIV 1000 course section is provided a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator interpretation class each semester. Interns will be expected to facilitate one of these interpretation sessions during the semester. Other undergraduate and graduate level classes are also frequently presented the Myers-Briggs program. Professors also regularly request special in-class presentations on various topics as well. Interns will be given an opportunity to participate in these presentations as their schedule allows.

Other outreach services include providing programs to help increase awareness and prevention on alcohol or other substance abuse, sexual assault, and interpersonal violence. The Counseling Center participates in new student orientations, welcome week events, sexual assault awareness month, violence awareness week and various other activities on campus. Off campus programs are also frequently coordinated with area agencies, businesses, schools and churches in an effort to provide outreach services to the community as well.


Graduate interns will be supervised by licensed professional counselors. Direct supervision is usually provided by Shannon Stephens, who serves as Internship Coordinator. Interns will meet formally with their direct supervisor for at least one hour weekly.

The counselor intern office is equipped with audio/video taping equipment. Interns will frequently record counseling sessions to use for supervision and training purposes with both their on-site supervisor and/or academic department supervisor.


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